New to yoga? Here’s what to expect.

New to yoga? Here’s what to expect.

Below are some friendly recommendations to help you to feel more comfortable and prepared as you start your yoga journey.


Wear workout clothes that won’t restrict your range of movement.
Tight yoga pants are not necessary, we certainly want you to feel comfortable, but it helps to wear more form fitting clothes so that your instructor can observe and guide your alignment to keep your body safe.

Let your toes stretch! Store your shoes and socks.
It is customary to remove them prior to entering the studio space, leaving them on the shoe racks outside the class door. Bare feet will prevent slipping on your mat and will also help you to ground your feet onto your mat for stability and proper alignment.


Yourself! A yoga mat, water bottle & towel.
If you are just starting out and unsure if you want to invest in your own mat, we also have mats and towels for rent, so you’ll always feel prepared at our studio.


Arrive early.
We recommend arriving at the studio 15-20 minutes early to provide ample time to check in, store your belongings and settle in prior to class.

Bring the essentials.
Our locker rooms are equipped with individual lockers to secure your personal belongings to minimize what you bring into the studio space. We recommend leaving valuables at home or in your car.

Let yourself unplug.
We encourage leaving your cell phone secured in your locker or cubby to preserve the serenity of the practice space. After all, your practice is a precious opportunity for you to unplug from the outside world, giving 100% attention to yourself.

Check in with your instructor.
Let them know if you have any specific injuries or physical limitations so that they can properly support you throughout your practice.


Check out our fundamentals or beginners classes.
If you are new to the practice of yoga, these classes are a great starting point as the classes are taught at a slower pace with more time spent instructing the basics of each posture.

Be patient with yourself.
Trying something new for the first time is always a bit challenging, but we all must begin somewhere. Seek to approach your practice with a sense of playful curiosity, an open heart and try to leave self-judgment at the door. It is called yoga practice for a reason, our goal is not perfection, but instead to learn about ourselves and our bodies as we progress little by little each day.

Its okay to feel a little lost at times throughout the practice, honor yourself by going at your own pace and know that at any time you can come out of a posture and rest on your mat to catch your breath and come back in whenever you feel ready.

Browse through Studio Etiquette
It’s helpful to know each studio’s unique etiquette customs. Feel free to check out our Studio Etiquette blog post to learn more about how we do things at Omnira.

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